Religious Studies

Faculty: Humanities
Subject: GCSE Religious Studies
Subject Leader: Mrs E Young, Head of RE
Staff and Responsibility: Mrs K Hannan

Subject Overview

In studying Religious Education:- Ethics students are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of Religion and Ethics and relate it to the wider world. Students are able to gain a comprehensive and accurate knowledge and understanding of a range of current moral and social issues.

When studying moral and social issues students will consider, Christian, Islamic and Secular views. They are also encouraged to develop and express their own opinions.

Students will follow AQA Specification A Full Course.

The course provides an opportunity for students to engage with a variety of topical questions around belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth.

Students will be able to reflect on and develop their own values, beliefs and attitudes in light of what they have learnt. There are a range of relevant and contemporary themes to study that will promote awareness of modern-world issues and provide opportunities for informed debate.  Students of all abilities will be challenged and inspired, whilst developing valuable skills sought after by higher education and employers.

Course Content

Students will study two units. Unit One: Study of religion where students will study Christianity and Islam, Unit Two: Philosophy and Ethics.

Both units will be examined by a 1 hour 45 minute exam at the end of the course.

Each unit is worth 50% of the final GCSE.

Unit 1 – Study of Religion
Students will study the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity and Islam. Students will need to be able to refer to scripture and/ or sacred texts where appropriate. Students will study the influence of the beliefs, teachings and practices studied on individuals, communities and societies.
Unit 2 – Philosophy and Ethics
Religion and Life
The origins and value of the universe
The origins and value of human life
Religion, Peace and Conflict
Religion, violence, terrorism and war
Religion and belief in 21st Century conflict
Religion, crime and punishment
Religion, crime and the causes of crime
Religion and punishment
Relationships and Families
Nature of families
Purpose of families

Is RE for me?

RE is about asking big questions, learning about yourself and others and engaging in lively and informed debate. If you would enjoy this, you will enjoy the RE GCSE course.


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