Sports Studies

Faculty: Science
Subject: Level 1 & 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Sports Studies
Subject Leader: Miss R Taylor
Staff and Responsibility: Mr T Bristowe, Mrs A Brooks,  Miss E Hopkins, Miss J Coleman and Mr T Downing

Subject Overview

This Sport Studies qualification is the equivalent to 1 x GCSE and will allow all students to excel in team and individual sports, gain an understanding of sport structure and organisations and how the media promotes sports. Students will also develop a range of personal skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, reflective learner, leadership and formulating written findings from practical investigation. These are all transferable skills which can be learnt and assessed throughout the course and utilised in many higher educational courses such as Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity and sporting employment settings.

The tow-year course has been carefully designed and sequenced, with practical and engaging strategies to teach the knowledge and understanding needed for all students to achieve excellence.

Course Content

Topics you will study:

  • Performance and Leadership in Sports Activities – written evidence logs/practical assessment (Year 10)
  • Sport and the media – Assignments (Year 10/11)
  • Contemporary issues in sport – 1 hour external exam in summer term (Year 11)

The final assessment – Contemporary Issues in Sport will take the form of an externally assessed exam paper, it comprises of multiple-choice questions, short questions (descriptive answers) and a longer question (explanation/evaluation answer). All other units are assessed via practical assessments, written coursework, and evidence logs. Staff will endeavour to teach the course through practical activities as much as possible, however, to be a successful student, you will also have to work independently, spending some time on a computer, completing the assignments that make up your coursework/assignments.

Is it for you?

Do you have a genuine interest in sport, bring your PE kit to all lessons, and enjoy taking part in a wide range of sports and activities?

Do you have the desire to develop your ability and understanding in team and individual sports, leading and coaching others with confidence?

Are you organised, do you manage your time effectively, complete regular homework and always have the correct PE kit?

If you have answered yes to the above, then this is the course for you and we look forward to meeting you.

A future in Sport

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and grades for further education at Trinity High Sixth Form, local Colleges and many university courses such as:

· PE teacher
· Sports coaching and leadership
· Sports Official
· Sports management
· Sports Injury/Physiotherapist
· Sport and Media
· Sports nutrition
· Personal health and fitness
· Sports medicine
· Sports analysis
· Events management


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  • SSAT
  • LEPP
  • EQualities
  • IoE-Partnership-logo
  • eco-schools-bronze-award
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
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