The House System


We strongly believe that whilst at high school, students should feel a constant sense of belonging as well as creating opportunities for healthy competition. Our fantastic House System is the vehicle for both of these elements of school life and is a part of school life that truly does bring the joy to the Broadening Horizons Programme.

Our wonderful Heads of House and House Captains lead the three houses BREDON, KINVER and MALVERN (all named after local hills) throughout the year and students are urged to participate in a broad and varied house events programme including house events such as House Masterchef, Spelling Bee, Sports Day and the annual Trinity’s got Talent.

Meet our Heads of House

(From left to right, Miss Nicholson – Head of Bredon House, Mrs Barr – Head of Malvern House and Mr Timney – Head of Kinver House)

Welcome to the Trinity House System

The house system was established to create a sense of identity and healthy competition back in 2009; the houses, Bredon, Malvern and Kinver take their names from the hills and the logos were designed during a form time design competition. In the past there have been regular house activities including, sporting events such as sports day, art and design, STEM activities etc. and there is also a bi-annual Performing Arts Championship that embraces all members of the House to take part in a celebration of music, art, drama and dance.

As of 2022, we have been rebuilding our THS community through Character Education, so the house system has been refreshed and reinvigorated to feed into the school culture and to celebrate and develop our character virtues, whilst offering our students opportunities to strive and develop as a person outside of the classroom. Our young people are more than just their academic achievements!

Throughout the school year, students can earn house points through inter house competitions, performance and participation in lessons and by having their commit to character cards signed by staff. Students will benefit from these house points as a collective as the house with the greatest number of points in July will win the house cup; rewards based on house points will also be issued on a personal level and students have the chance to win their own prizes and treats.

Each house is supported and led by 6th form house captains: Sports captain, Performing arts captain, STEM captain, Humanities captain, Enterprise captain, Community captain, Creative captain.

How each house is personlised and unique

Although each house strives to contribute to the overall values and culture at Trinity, it’s important that they stand as individual communities too. That’s why each house has it’s own character virtues:


Motto: Bold, Brave, Bredon
Song: Our House
Mascot: Bredon’s Bactrosaurus, Bruno

What it means to be in Bredon: 

  • To have humility so we are aware of how much we owe to others or our successes.
  • To have resourcefulness so we can find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges.
  • To have civility so we are polite and courteous in our behaviour and speech.
  • To have determination so we focus our energy on finishing a task.


Motto: Go for Glory
Song: We are the Champions
Mascot: Kinver’s Kingfisher, Kev

What it means to be in Kinver: 

  • To have respect so we show regard for someone’s wishes or rights.
  • To have autonomy so we can be critical and independent in our thinking and action.
  • To have neighbourliness so we have a disposition to be friendly and helpful to others.
  • To have resilience so we can recover quickly from struggles and setbacks.


Motto: You will hear us roar!
Song: Eye of the Tiger
Mascot: Malvern’s Monster, Mike

What it means to be in Malvern: 

  • To have empathy so we can understand the thoughts and feelings of another person.
  • To have creativity so we can think outside of the box and use our imaginations.
  • To have friendliness so we are kind, thoughtful or affectionate towards another person.
  • To have ambition so we achieve and reach our goals.

House Mascots

All the best brands, companies and teams have a mascot and Trinity is no exception to that so we’re pleased to introduce you to:

  • Kinver’s Kingfisher, Kev
  • Bredon’s Bactrosaurus, Bruno
  • Malvern’s Monster, Mike

Our house mascots have the most super sparkly personalities and are always up for a laugh. They’ve made it their mission to support, encourage and excite both students and staff throughout the school year; they’ll never fail to pop a smile on your face!

You won’t find these mascots hiding behind a poster or just know them by name; they love to be front and center, posing for the camera and unleashing their silly side. You’ll often see them supporting their 6th form house captains, whether it be bouncing into form rooms or waving their arms frantically cheering whenever house competitions and events are upon us.

One thing you should know about Kev, Bruno and Mike, is that their favourite way to have fun is to dance… so watch you don’t play those tunes too loudly or you’ll find yourself in the middle of a mascot dance off!

Here at Trinity, you’ll always have a friend in your house mascot – they’ll help you grow your HEART.


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