Our Uniform


At Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre we are proud of our standards of school uniform that are the result of a high degree of co-operation between parents/carers, students and the school.

We are firm believers in a school uniform that is properly and consistently worn. We believe that this helps students to develop a real pride in themselves and their school. Uniform helps students to feel part of our community and makes the point that there is no discrimination. It sets a standard which supports our expectations of work and behaviour. We find it helps maintain the right environment for learning.

All pupils wear their uniform both in school and when representing the school at events or on visits. When the pupils are travelling to and from school in the community, we expect that the same high uniform expectations be met, with the students wearing the uniform with pride and role-modelling our beliefs. In this respect, we expect no less from our students than an employer would expect from its employees.

The cost of living is impacting all of us and therefore we have a duty to ensure that the uniform policy fulfils the following principles;

  • Supports the wearing of an immaculate, smart uniform that upholds our high standards and the standards that any high-performing school would set.
  • Support families to purchase a uniform that is affordable but durable and hard-wearing in line with the Government mandate to schools on affordable uniform.
  • Reflects the cost of living crisis by replacing any unnecessarily expensive items with more cost-effective solutions.

Uniform Policy Changes
for 2022-2023

  • To make our uniform more affordable, parents/carers will be able to purchase trousers or our optional black V neck jumper from any retailer. However, the trousers MUST meet our expectations in that they must be tailored trousers; they must not be tight fitting or cling to the leg or ankle in anyway.
  • Shoes can be an expensive item to purchase and we are therefore keen to ensure that the shoes we accept are affordable for parents/carers and durable for students. We are therefore moving to a policy that only allows shoes that are formal, leather, black and polishable. For guidance, the type of shoe that would be worn with business attire or to a formal celebration.
  • Nike Air Force or any other branded shoe will not be acceptable, largely down to the cost of the shoe, which contravenes the government affordability mandate. Boots and ankle boots are also not permitted, nor are shoes with visible brand logos.

Below are examples of some styles of shoes the school deems unacceptable. This is not an exhaustive list.

In order to ensure a consistent approach, all of our uniform, with the exception of shirts and formal black shoes should be purchased from the following retailer:

Orchard Clothing Unit 30 Dunlop Road (Off Windmill Drive), Hunt End Trading Estate, Redditch B97 5XP Tel: 0845 208 0471 or 01527 545 555.

The School uniform can be purchased as individual items or as a package starter deal, consisting of the following:

  • One (badged) school blazer
  • Tailored trousers or pleated skirt
  • One Trinity school tie
  • Sports jacket
  • One badged school PE polo shirt
  • School PE shorts or skort
  • School PE socks

The starter package costs from: £108.00

Girl’s School Uniform & PE Kit

Boy’s School Uniform & PE Kit

Additional Information

Clothing and Footwear
Trousers must be tailored (no leggings, skinny fit, extreme bootleg or denim). Should girls wish to do so, they may wear the School skirt (pleated and worn to the knee). However, if choosing to wear a School skirt rather than trousers, legs MUST be covered by black, opaque tights. Shirts must be plain white and buttoned to the neck to enable the School clip-on tie to be worn correctly. Shoes must be plain black formal shoes (not boots, pumps or trainers bearing logos). A plain coat may be worn over the School blazer on the way to and from school and outside of the School buildings only. Headgear is not allowed with the exception of a plain black or grey hijab. Hoodies are not permitted in school.

The ONLY jewellery permitted to be worn in school is one plain stud earring in each ear, worn in the lower ear lobe and a wristwatch (no smart watches). No other jewellery may be worn. This includes body and facial piercings (including tongue piercings, flesh tunnels and spikes). Jewellery should be removed for PE.

Some parents may be under the misconception that they can give consent for their children to have permanent tattoos. However, under the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 it is a criminal offence to tattoo a child under the age of 18. Therefore, tattoos are not permitted.

Make Up
Make up must be kept discreet and natural looking. Students wearing excessive make up will be asked to remove it. False nails and coloured nail polish are not permitted.

Hairstyles must be in keeping with a formal place of work. Extremes of hairstyle and unnatural colours (vivid pinks, purples, reds, etc) are not permitted. Haircuts must be conventional; shaven heads, lines and patterns, mohicans and mohawks are not allowed. Hairstyles should be no shorter than a grade two. Hair extensions are unacceptable. Hair ornaments e.g. slides, bobbles, scrunchies, hairbands should be a plain dark colour. The shaving of lines into the eyebrow is not permitted Uniform is the responsibility of students and parents/carers as well as staff, especially the Form Tutor, who must ensure that high standards are maintained and that students begin every day appropriately dressed. The Board of Governors have stated that “the Headteacher’s discretion and decision on all matters of uniform including hairstyles is final”. With ever evolving fashion trends, Trinity High School reserve the right to revise our School Uniform Policy as and when appropriate to do so.

Students arriving to school dressed inappropriately will be expected to either; return home to change, borrow the item of uniform from the SCHOOL UNIFORM LOAN SERVICE IN THE HEART CENTRE or, where this is not possible, be placed in our refocus suite until their uniform, hairstyle or piercing has been rectified

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