Health & Social Care

Faculty: Science
Subject: OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Health & Social Care
Subject Leader: Miss E Hopkins – Head of Subject
Staff and Responsibility: Mrs A Cadman, Mrs L Green, Mrs Brookes

Subject Overview

Health and Social Care provide students with a more vocational perspective and offers students the chance to obtain a qualification that meets both their individual aptitudes and interests. It prepares students for higher education or the world of work, opening career opportunities in areas such as childcare, nursing, mental health and counselling.

Our chosen course will inspire and equip students with transferable skills that are relevant to the sector and more widely. It covers the rights of individuals, person-centred values of care, how to protect individuals in various care settings and learn about the impact of life events. To understand the nature of health, social care and early years settings, learning is applied to a range of real-world contexts. This is achieved through a variety of practical approaches such as case study analysis and research.

Course Content

This course has both practical and theoretical elements to it. Students will learn the critical skills of communication, critical analysis, evaluation, decision making and problem solving. They will participate in practical and theory elements which will teach them to become independent learners and encourage self-confidence. The course covers a range of life stages including childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. As part of the course students will learn and develop communication skills allowing them to effectively interact with clients both in formal and informal situations.

Coursework (60%)
Unit R033 – Supporting individuals through life events – In this unit students will learn about life stages and the factors that affect them. You will understand expected and unexpected life events and the impact they will have on physical, social/emotional and socio-economic aspects in an individual’s life. Students will research the service providers and practitioners that can support individuals, recommend support and justify how this will meet the needs of a specific individual. This unit is assessed via coursework produced independently by students.
Unit RO34 – Creative and therapeutic activities – In this unit students will learn about a range of creative activities and therapies that are available in health, and social care settings and understand the physical, intellectual, emotional and social benefits of these. Students will learn how to plan and deliver a creative activity with an individual or group and evaluate your planning and delivery. This unit is assessed via coursework produced independently by students.
Examination (40%)
Unit RO32 – Principles of care in health and social care settings – In this unit students will learn about the importance of the rights of service users, person-centred values and how to apply them. Students will also learn about the importance of effective communication skills when providing care and support for service users in health and social care settings and the procedures and measures used to protect individuals such as safeguarding, hygiene and security. This unit is assessed via a 1 hour and 15-minute exam sat at the end of Year 11.

Materials Needed

You will be expected to participate in practical work including presentations and work experience visits.

Extended Learning

Extended learning regularly is set. It will test and extend class work activities.  It will include a range of different tasks including, research, revision, survey’s and completion of written work.

Potential Career Options

Health & Social Care can be studied at A Level or Degree level or an apprenticeship route followed.

Potential careers include: Teaching, Nursing, Social Worker, Health Promotion Specialist, Social Policy Maker, Early Years Worker, Nursery Nurse, Care Assistant, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, and Psychologist.


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