Faculty: Science
Subject: A-Level Physics
Subject Leader: Mr Hopkins, Head of Physics
Staff and Responsibility: Mr Timney, Physics Teacher
Exam Board: AQA (Course code 7407/ 7408)

Assessment Format

Modules will be examined end of Year 13 with three 2 hour exams at the end of Year 13.

There will be no coursework at A-Level, but instead you will be assessed on practical skills throughout the year and be given the opportunity to achieve the Practical Endorsement qualification at the end of the two year course.

Subject Overview

The course builds on topics studied at GCSE and introduces some new topics. There are three modules in Year 12. Module 1 introduces ideas about particles, radiation and quantum phenomena. Module 2 deals with mechanics and molecular kinetic theory and builds on ideas about forces and motion. In module 3 you will study electricity and elastic properties of matter.

In Year 13, you will study three more modules. Module 4 deals with gravitational, electric and magnetic fields, waves and oscillations. In module 5 you will cover nuclear applications. The final Module is Astrophysics.

To access this course a minimum GCSE level of 6 is required in Physics and Maths, but preferably a level 7.

Potential Career Options

Following successful completion of an A-Level of degree qualification, potential careers include; mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, science journalist, teacher, medical physicist, astrophysicist, architect, satellite engineer, jet engine designer, computer games designer.

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