Faculty: Mathematics
Subject: A-Level Mathematics
Subject Leader: Mr D Earles, Head of Mathematics
Staff and Responsibility: Miss C Pinnell, 2i/c Mathematics
Exam Board: Edexcel 


A-Level Mathematics consists of three examination papers. 

  • Paper 1 assesses Pure Mathematics 
  • Paper 2 assesses Pure Mathematics 
  • Paper 3 assesses the application of Statistics and Mechanics and uses large data sets. 


Mathematics is a very highly respected A-Level and essential for numerous courses, of further study. The course covers pure Mathematics, statistics and is a challenging and highly rewarding subject to study. It opens doors to careers such as medicine, engineering, finance, various sciences, computing, economics, psychology and more. However it should not be forgotten as a standalone subject, with the call for career mathematicians increasing rapidly, especially in the age of big data and the internet. We pride ourselves in fostering a love of mathematics in our students and this enthusiasm will be transferred to all of our students. 

To access this course A-Level GCSE level 7 is required. 


Mathematics complements a wide range of other subjects, including science, engineering, technology, business and humanities. The skills developed in problem solving and analytical thinking are highly desirable in many careers. 

A Mathematics degree or a degree which includes some study of Mathematics, offer excellent career opportunities in engineering, electronics, information technology, teaching and the civil service. 


In March 2016 the Times Education Supplement (TES) reported that Academics from the University of Nottingham had found that “Pupils who take maths at A-Level receive an 11 per cent premium on their salary by the time they are 34 years old.” 

They stated that “Those people who had taken maths A-Level earned between 2 and 21 per cent on top of the salary predicted by all other contributing factors. This equated to an average salary premium of 11 per cent.  No other A-level subject attracted a wage premium in the same way.” 

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