Exam Board: AQA  

COURSE OVERVIEW AQA A-Level Politics comprises of four topics over three two-hour exams – taken at the end of the course. The topics studied in A-Level Politics are incredibly useful to your general knowledge of how the UK and world work designed to ignite political curiosity and develop an understanding of the ways in which modern Government’s work. From knowing what the UK Constitution is, what impact the media has on how we vote, and the best way to protect human rights, the topics are incredibly interesting and can spark an interest in other areas of politics for many students.

Paper 1 – Government and Politics of the UK – 33% – 2 Hour exam.
Broken into two key focuses, this topic covers the role of Government in the UK, and the role of Politics. The Role of Government will dive into the function on Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Judiciary and Devolution. The Role of Politics will introduce students to broader ideas that underpin and manage the working of our democracy, including Politics Parties, Pressure Groups, Elections and Referendums – and the Relationship and influences of the EU. Paper 2 – The Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative politics – 33% – 2 Hour exam.
This unit focuses on two very distinct topics. The first is the learning of the role and function of Government and Politics in the USA – from executive and legislative through to Civil rights. Secondly pupils will develop the skill of comparative politics where they will learn to analyse and explain structural, rational and cultural similarities and differences between politics in the US and UK.  Paper 3 – Political Ideas – 33% – 2 Hour exam. Pupils will be introduced to and expand upon a number of core ideologies that shape Politics across the world. Pupils will have the chance to debate and discuss the theories of Socialism, Conservatism and Liberalism – which they will have met before in their education. As well as being introduced to the thinking of Ecologism, Anarchism, Multiculturalism, Feminism and Nationalism. 

Politics is a respected and valued qualification which is well regarded in further education, and in the world of work. Many universities will require you to have studied an essay-based subject for subjects like history, politics, and economics. Having A Level Politics allows you to access these courses and shows that you can cope with writing evidence-based essays. Politics enables you have a more critical and analytical approach – both sought after skills. A Politics A-Level provides an excellent background for careers in law, journalism, the caring professions, teaching, and a range of management and business areas – the list is endless. 

It would be intended for Politics A-Level to join with A-Level History to visit the Houses of Parliament in year 12.  

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