STEM transition day 6th July 2023

On 6th July 2023, 40 Year 8 students from our feeder schools arrived for a STEM-based transition day. Students from Birchensale Middle School and Woodfield Academy, who will attend Trinity High School in September, arrived for a STEM transition day. The day consisted of two workshops – a science-based one with Mr Hopkins, who delivered an A level required practical to the students and an Engineering workshop with Mr Homer and Mr Green.
The Science workshop consisted of students using light gates to work out the strength of gravity. During the experiment students dropped masses from set distances through a light gate to measure the speed of gravity. Students then calculated a mean from their results and produced a graph. They then used their graph to calculate a gradient and apply their results to the SuVat equation. Students worked amazingly as they were stretched and challenged with an advanced calculation. Students were aiming to achieve the value for gravity field strength of 9.81 and one group was successful in achieving that, which is the first time it has happened!
During the engineering workshop students were able to use their coding skills to create text, music, pattern or a set of directions using microbits and the microbits robots. Students really engaged with learning a new skill and spent a long time trying new things with the microbits. One student was able to re-create the Jurassic park theme tune and others were able to direct the robots to create a pathway around the classroom.
It is safe to say that our Year 8s coming up in September have a fantastic future with our STEM subjects at Trinity High school. Thank you to Mrs Snowden ans Miss Rowlands from Birchensale, and Mrs Greenhouse and Ms Lee from Woodfield, for helping us to arrange the day.
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