STEM club Autumn 2 project

STEM club Micro Bits

In STEM club, we have been coding micro bits. These are simply micro boards that can store code. They can be coded to make different sounds and patterns with lightbulbs. We were able to create patterns like hearts and cars and also songs like the Friends theme tune and the Star Wars theme.

We were also able to create images that looked like they were moving by changing the image quickly. From this we could make things like smiling faces or moving cars. Using the buttons, we took things to the next level by coding games like flappy bird, love detectors and rock, paper, scissors.

We then put these micro bits into little robots with wheels that we could program to drive around. By programming the sensors on the front of the robot, we could stop it from driving into walls. We can also make them drive in circles, drive in a straight line and drive along a specific track. They – like the micro bits – can play music and play images while on the robots.

Written by Jack, edited by Erin and Kamran.


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