STEAM HOUSE week (w/c 27th March-31st March)

Last week Year 9 students competed in house teams in their STEAM subjects. In each Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths lessons they competed in various competitions in order to achieve house points and to also widen their experiences within these subjects.
From each class the top three houses were awarded house points, with 1st place getting 30 house points, 2nd place 20 house points and 3rd place winning 10 house points for their house.
In Science, students competed in a boat challenge. They had to build from paper, sellotape and splints a boat that was able to float, be waterproof and be able to hold “passengers” (in this case it was dice). The boat which held the most “passengers” won for their house.
In Technology and Engineering students created an “Internet safety” poster/ presentation to promote safe usage of the internet for students of their age group.
In Art, students were given the theme “Connections” and were given the opportunity to create a poster to explore this STEAM theme. Many students used science revision guides to explore “connections” such as DNA, the reflex arc, the life cycle of a star and chemical bonding.
In Maths students explored tessellation. They were tasked with creating a shape which could be replicated to create a pattern. They focused on the complexity of Islamic designs and created amazing tessellation patterns.
As a result of these lessons students demonstrated excellent team-work, enthusiasm, research skills, the ability to design, create and modify their work as well as resilience when things go wrong! Great personality traits which will enhance their personality as they move through high school. Showing HEART values at all times.
The house points results; 1ST Place Bredon 560 points, 2nd place Kinver 530 points and 3rd place Malvern 200 points. Well done Year 9!!!!
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