Forensic workshop 4th July 2023

On Tuesday 4th July, Trinity high school welcomed Alison Leck and her amazing forensic workshop. This was an experience for 60 of our budding scientists who have an interest in forensics, policing, and law. Students went through all of the evidence presented when JFK was shot in November 1963, to either confirm or exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald, who was charged with the crime.
Students studied a mountain of evidence, including ballistics and striations on the “magic” bullet, analysing fingerprints, testing for gunshot residue, looking at the autopsy reports of JFK and the injuries he sustained during the attack. Students also looked at digital photography to identify Lee Harvey Oswald in the infamous “back yard” photograph and used VR headsets to watch the Zapruder film. Students then created a timeline of the events to decide if Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty or “framed”?
All students joined in and tried their hand at most areas of forensic and police work during the 1963 case and concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was set up, and if the crime happened today Lee Harvey Oswald would not have been charged with the murder.
It was an amazing experience for our Year 10 students and gave them an insight into a possible career path.
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