Book Ends – Book Reviews

Four new book reviews from our readers at Book Ends this week – we have had lots of new members, and non-members, excited about writing reviews of their current reads. This week we have a comic book review and a manga review, something we haven’t inspected yet!
Batman – Death in the family
5/5 star​
Trained as Batman’s protégé Robin, Jason Todd has a relentless thirst for Justice and is eager to take down the joker.
Codi Year 10
Noughts and Crosses
5/5 star​
Reverse of racism. Good plot, good characters, enticing all round.
Jacob Year 11
Hunger Games – Mockingjay
Katniss plots to end President Snow but struggles with Peeta. Really good book.
Sophie Year 10
Death Note
“Light Yagami” finds a notebook in Japan where, if he writes someone’s name and pictures them, they die. Yagami’s father is an agent and works with L as he doesn’t know that his son is the one suddenly killing hundreds.
Noah Year 9
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