Book Ends Book Club

Book Ends is back!
An amazing array of novels read over the Easter holidays, and plenty of new suggestions shared within our club. This week we have an autobiography, a book we’ve read in class and a new series reviewed by both staff and students!
Warrior Cats: Into the wild
5/5 ⭐
A house cat named Rusty one day wonders into the forest and meets a clan of strange wild cats who abide by the laws laid down by their ancestors. He soon finds out he is to be the light and fire and Thunder Clan.
Olivia Year 9
Me! by Elton John
4/5 ⭐
An insightful look at the exciting and eventful life of the fabulous Elton John.
Maddison Year 10
The Five – Hallie Rubenhold
The Five tells the factual story behind each of Jack the Ripper’s victims and puts the emphasis on their lives rather than the violence that ended them.
Miss Allan
Of Mice and Men
George and Lennie travel around farms and keep losing their jobs because of Lennie’s actions. When they get to their new ranch everything seems normal, until Lennie is left alone with Curley’s wife.
Hadley Year 9
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