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Dear Parents/Carers

This week at Trinity, the reoccurring themes have been exam preparation and celebrating success. In terms of exam preparation, next week sees the start of the Year 11 and 13 summer examination series. We are very proud of both year groups for the manner in which they have conducted their preparations. The focus is now about doing their absolute best, remaining calm and accessing support should they need it. No student should ever feel alone during exam season; whilst there is an inevitable feeling of pressure and a desire to do well, please remember that help at Trinity is never far away. If any parents, carers or students need support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I must also congratulate Year 10 and 12 students for completing their summer exam series. Papers will now be marked, and students will soon receive feedback on their performance. The challenge now will be to ensure that teachers understand where subject knowledge gaps exist and close those gaps. This will take place throughout the Summer Term.

In other news, this week the Brilliant Club graduation took place and there were several university trips as part of our Careers Education offer. Our offer is one of the best in any school regionally which is demonstrated by our performance against nationally recognised careers education benchmarks,

I will be sending a separate correspondence today regarding summer uniform. The reason for this is to ensure that there is an absolute clarity regarding our uniform expectations during the summer months.

I look forward to writing to you next week. Have a fantastic weekend.

Mr Ford



On 30th June we are having a day to celebrate the individual identity and diversity in our local community.  We plan to celebrate with the students during the school day, by putting on workshops, including participation in a range of dance, music, art and food options.  If you feel that you have something to offer that could help us to deliver or celebrate this day, please get in touch with Lucy Chinn (Assistant Headteacher) on either or on 01527 585859.


Year 10 Careers / Work Experience Thank you for all of your responses and if relevant please can you make sure that all reply slips are returned as soon as possible. An update of the next steps and what is to be done is as follows.

Next Steps and Check List

  1. Use Unifrog and to decide and confirm what you would like to do for Work Experience
  2. Make sure that you have logged onto the EBP site with your student user code and password of TrinityHigh.
  3. Select the companies you want to apply for and wait for approval. OR send details of your own placement to Mrs Laxton
  4. When approval has been given, you will need to write to the company with your CV to see whether they are able to have you on work experience for those dates
  5. Complete your CV and letter of application using the templates attached in email (also found on school website under Careers and on Teams Intake2021 Careers) then send them to me to check before sending them to the company.

Once the company has agreed to have you, please put this in on the database and email Mrs Laxton to confirm.


Please find the latest version attached.

 In our drive to broaden our vocabulary, please find our new T2 Workable Word of the week – ‘IMPACT’ – If you were an inanimate object (not able to think for yourself) how many other things would you effect on any one day?

Everything you come into contact with would feel your ‘impact’. An ‘impact’ is one thing affecting another thing. It is the process of life and nature. There isn’t much out there which doesn’t have an ‘impact’ on something else.

Sometimes it’s the little things which have the biggest ‘impacts’, whether you realise or not. We use the word ‘impact’ as a noun.

Here are some ways you could use the word:

“We could hear the impact of the bombs.” (noun).

“Our revision sessions have had a big impact on our exam grades.” (noun).

Where does the word come from?

Early 17th century (as a verb in the sense ‘press closely, fix firmly’): from Latin impact- ‘driven in’, from the verb impingere



15 May Summer exams start
17 May Y10 House Sport afternoon
26 May Break up for Half Term
29 May – 2 June Half Term
5 June Return to school at 08.45am
22 June Y9 Big Bang Fair
26 – 28 June DofE Bronze & Silver Assessed Expeditions










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