Parental Bulletin



Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you have all had a lovely week. This week we have enjoyed a whole week with no planned or unplanned disruption, which to be honest, has been bliss! Students in all year groups have worked incredibly hard in lessons and many students have ‘broadened their horizons’ through our extra-curricular programme and cultural capital programmes. It has been a fantastic week all round.

I have many highlights to share this week. On Monday, over 400 lower school students received their Excellence for All Award certificates from Gail Emms MBE. Gail was an Olympic Badminton player and was extremely impressed with the Trinity culture and values and really enjoyed meeting our students.

On Thursday, we had another opportunity to spend time with parents/carers at our Year 11 Parents’ Evening. Quite bizarrely, it is the first face-to-face parents’ consultation that the Year 11 parents have had, and it was a pleasure to talk to so many parents about how hard their children are working and their aspirations for the future. I am also very thankful for all the lovely feedback that we received on the evening; it is very much appreciated.

This week, there were also several trips out of school, where our students worked hard to develop their wider skills. The Kinver Outdoor and Adventure Trip was a huge success and the Thriving Minds experience for Year 9 was utterly inspiring. As I write this bulletin, the Year 12 and 13 Physics A level students are departing for a day at the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

This week, I would also like to inform parents/carers that all year we have been planning and delivering high quality Relationships and Sex and Education to our students. This is a crucial part of our curriculum and ensures that our students are well prepared for the demands of adulthood and modern Britain. Our RSE curriculum has been developed in line with Department for Education guidance and been quality assured by the PSHE Association.

If any parents/carers would like to see what students are studying or learn more about our RSE curriculum requirements, our RSE policy and curriculum are in the OUR POLICIES and OUR CURRICULUM areas of the website.

Over the next week before Easter, please could I ask that you continue to support us in our quest to secure excellent attendance for our students. On Friday, the term will finish with the attendance prize assembly and students must attend for the remaining few days of term (including the last day) to be eligible for the draw. On Friday 31st March, students will be dismissed at 1.15pm after the attendance assembly.

We look forward to communicating with you on the last week of term and have a relaxing weekend.

Mr Ford



Ramadan Mubarak to all those in our community who are starting Ramadan this week.


Mon 27th – Wed 29th March – Year 10 students need to come to school in their DofE clothes and drop their rucksacks off in the Main Hall before registration. They will attend their normal P1-4 lessons and we will be leaving school P5. Students will return to school at 5.00pm on Wednesday, please ensure there is a parent to collect at this time.


Friday 31st March – Sunday 2nd April – Year 11 students need to come to school in their DofE clothes with all their kit Friday morning at 8.00am. Students will return to school at around 5.00pm (time is subject to change) on Sunday, please ensure there is a parent to collect at this time.


Please see attached.


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Anybody interested please see Mrs Laxton –


Please find the latest version attached.

In our drive to broaden our vocabulary, please find our new T2 Workable Word of the week – ‘DESIGN’ – A football stadium – I am sure some of you have been to one. A lot of things need ‘designing’ if you want to build one – How many seats? How many tiers? How many doors? How many toilets? How does everyone get in safely? How does everyone leave quickly if there is a fire? How do you make it loud? How do you make sure everyone can see?

None of this happens by accident. Whether it’s by the hand of man of the hand of nature, everything has a ‘design’.

A ‘design’ is the plan you produce to make sure something will work. It shows people what something will look and feel like. We use the word as a noun and a verb.

Here are some ways you could use the word:

“He had just unveiled his new design for the stadium.” (noun)

“The dress had a lovely blue and white design.” (noun)

“A group of students were designing a car factory.” (verb)

Where does the word come from?

Late Middle English (as a verb in the sense ‘to designate’): from Latin designare ‘to designate’, reinforced by French désigner. The noun is via French from Italian.




30 March Y9 Cultural Capital Trip – Malvern Hills
31 March Break up for Easter
3 – 14 April Easter Holidays
17 April Return to school at 08.45am
1 May May Day Bank Holiday – school closed
8 May Coronation Bank Holiday – school closed
12 May Y13 Leavers’ Day
26 May Break up for Half Term
29 May – 2 June Half Term
5 June Return to school at 08.45am



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