How Media Studies are celebrating Black History Month


How to Honour Black History Month in 2022

In Media Studies, one of the key areas we study is Representation of the media products audiences are shown, and how representations shape the world we see. Year 13 have been studying Representation in a great deal since the start of Year 10.

This month we have studied Theorists such as Paul Gilroy on postcolonial theory and bell hooks (purposely lower case for her name) on Intersectionality.

Here is a piece from Libby our Year 13 student on the importance of studying Representation topics in the Media:

For years, Media has subconsciously obstructed society’s opinions and levels of respect to those of different social and economic class, age, labels and more. I have always been interested in the change of social dynamic throughout the years but as a media student, I have been able to understand the causes and effects of how media has contributed to how we perceive others and the world. A great example of this would be, this term, learning about Representation theorists like ‘bell hooks’- a proud woman of colour who spoke upon the oppression and marginalisation of black people (specifically black females) within media. Educating myself on seeing social matters such as intersectionality really allowed me, as a white woman, to appreciate my privilege as a Caucasian despite also experiences of the marginalisation of other social groups in the media, such as, being a female.

Libby Year 13

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