TEEP JOURNEY – Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme

Trinity High School began its TEEP Journey back in 2008/2009 – at that time the school was in national challenge with GCSE results of 32{0fa29e37a5ff5b819bc9d205477dcf2080d55da20457d57d8c85d351a6dec1cb} including Maths and English. We were looking for a framework with a set of principles which would support the whole school in driving up results and improve the quality of teaching, as well as provide staff and students with a common approach to teaching and learning.

We undertook the original TEEP level 1 course which was five days of CPD. TEEP reinvigorated teaching at Trinity High School as it gave us a common language, resulting in teaching and learning becoming our focus for discussions rather than behaviour. As more staff completed the TEEP level 1 course within school a buzz developed, leading to all staff using the TEEP planning cycle for short term planning. Also some of the active TEEP strategies that were demonstrated to us during our training enabled us to engage our learners much more effectively in the process of learning.

As a TEEP ‘Ambassador School’ we are passionate about sharing our TEEP journey and the huge impact it has had on our students’ learning. At Trinity High School the TEEP model underpins our whole school approach to teaching and learning, providing a consistent approach to the planning and delivery of lessons to our students. Our challenge is in continuing to develop the use of TEEP within our school over a long period of time, ensuring that new staff understand how we approach teaching and learning whilst also keeping the momentum going with existing staff. Therefore all our new staff are level 1 TEEP trained and a number of staff are trained to level 2. We also have a member of staff who is a level 3 TEEP trainer in order to ensure TEEP continues to play a major role in the success of our school. We have created a Trinity TEEP Toolkit. This is a folder full of TEEP strategies that have been successfully used at Trinity and reflect each phase of the learning cycle. Every member of staff at Trinity have contributed to the folder which is a great resource bank. In-house training is also taking place to grow the number of staff that are TEEP level 2 trained. We have lots of ideas on how to ensure TEEP remains at the forefront in continuing to develop the quality of teaching and learning at Trinity High School.

What is the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP)?

  • Over 250 schools and 6000 teachers have engaged with TEEP through SSAT since Sept 2010.
  • It offers teachers excellent ways to be effective and to promote pupil learning.
  • It is a CPD programme which is delivered by teachers who have been through the TEEP process themselves and apply the model into their teaching practice daily.
  • It combines all the best parts of educational research and best practice.
  • It supports teacher planning, motivates students and re-energises classroom activity.
  • TEEP model fits into all subject areas and provides a common ground for talking about learning and teaching for all.

The History of TEEP

TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) was funded as an action research project by the Gatsby Charitable foundation in 2002 with an aim to ‘improve the effectiveness of teachers by training them in a model of effective teaching and learning.’ It began by building on the work of the Maths enhancement Project Primary which aimed to improve attainment in mathematics by training teachers to be more effective at whole class interactive teaching. The aim of TEEP was to use the findings to develop a programme that would, through quality CPD, make teachers more effective. Source: www.ssatuk.co.uk

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