Head of Year 9: Ms L Masters
Lead Tutor: Mr T Bristow

Head of Year 10: Mr D Lawrence
Lead Tutor: Ms A Cadman

Head of Year 11: Mrs S Stephenson
Year 11 Achievement Co-ordinator: Miss L Jordan

Director of Post 16 Studies Year 12/13: Mr D White

Student Counsellor: Mrs C Hadley

The Head of Year and SENCO will liaise closely with middle school staff to ensure that all appropriate information is exchanged so that the transfer to high school is smooth and enjoyable. Parents of Year 8 students will have opportunities throughout the year to visit the school and meet the staff. Year 8 students will be visited in their middle schools and will have several opportunities to become acquainted with Trinity High School before they begin Year 9.

All students will be allocated to a tutor group and the tutor will be the first point of contact for parents. Morning registers will be taken in tutor groups and tutors will take day-to-day responsibility for the general welfare and care of each student.

Non-teaching Heads of Year are supported by a member of the Leadership Team and/or  a Lead Tutor or an Achievement Co-ordinator. The Heads of Year work closely with students, parents and outside agencies to ensure that all students receive excellent care, support and guidance. Parents can also access information relating to their child’s academic and pastoral progress via Schoolgateway.