Tutor System
All students are allocated to a Tutor Group and the Tutor will be the first point of contact for parents. Tutor Groups are made up of students of mixed abilities who may be talented in the sports or arts. The Tutor Group meet for twenty minutes every morning before lessons. During this time, the Tutor will deliver a Tutor Program, deal with administrative matters, and discuss behaviour and attendance. Year Group assemblies are delivered once a week. Morning registers will be taken in tutor and tutors will take day-to-day responsibility for the general welfare and care of each student.

Pastoral Support
There are three non-teaching Heads of Year linked to each Year group. Students remain with the same Head of Year throughout their time at Trinity. The Heads of Year work closely with students, parents, and external agencies to ensure all students receive excellent care, support and guidance. Heads of Year are also responsible for overseeing behaviour and attendance for their Year group.
Heads of Year are supported by a member of the Leadership Team and/or a Lead Tutor or Assistant Head of Year. Heads of Year work closely with SEND, Safeguarding and Education Welfare.
Parents can access information relating to their child’s academic progress, behaviour, and attendance via School Gateway.

Student Support
Our Student Support Coordinator can offer students inhouse strategies to cope with self-esteem issues, build confidence and resilience or support with Anger Management. Should you require support with your son or daughter, please contact their Head of Year.
Students who are unable to access lessons for a variety of reasons (including physical reasons such as fractured limbs, bereavement, or Social & Emotional Health) may spend some time in Pitstop. Where possible, students will continue to follow the work set by the student’s teachers, however this is not always possible thus students also have access to a variety of learning platforms.
Students who find the hustle and bustle of the playground overwhelming and/or too noisy are welcomed into the Abbey Centre where they can spend quiet time with their peers playing games etc.
Pitstop offers:
• A calm and quiet place which allows the student to totally focus on their work
• A welcoming, friendly, positive, and supportive environment
• An opportunity for students to discuss any concerns that are troubling them

During Transition, The Head of the incoming Year and SENDCo will liaise closely with middle school staff to ensure that all appropriate information is exchanged so that the transfer to high school is smooth and enjoyable. Parents of Year 8 students will have opportunities throughout the year to visit the school and meet the staff. Year 8 students will be visited in their middle schools and will have several opportunities to become acquainted with Trinity High School before they begin Year 9.

Mr CaseHead of Year
Miss MastersHead of Year
Mrs StephensonHead of Year
Ms CadmanAssistant Head of Year