Teaching Staff:

Ms R Taylor – Head of Physical Education

Mr T Bristowe

Miss A Henman

Mr R Cross

Miss E Hopkins

For more information about this course, please speak to Ms Taylor, Head of PE.

Level: Level 1 & 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Sports Studies


This Sport Studies qualification is the equivalent to 1 x GCSE and offers you the chance to develop different types of skills through largely practical lessons and activities; communication, problem solving, team work, evaluation and analysis, performing under pressure, and formulating written findings from practical investigation.  These are all transferable skills which can be learnt and assessed throughout the course and utilised on many higher educational courses such at Level 3 BTEC Sport Studies and sporting employment settings. The course has been designed with practical and engaging ways of teaching, studying the following over the two year course.


  • Sport and the media– Assignments (Year 10)
  • Developing sports skills – Practical assessments and assignments (Year 10)
  • Sports leadership – Practical assessments and assignments (Year 11)
  • Contemporary issues in sport – 1 hour exam paper (Year 11 – January exam period)

The final assessment (Contemporary Issues in Sport) will take the form of an externally assessed exam that comprises of short answers and multiple choice questions.  All other units are assessed via practical assessment, written coursework and evidence logs. Staff will endeavour to teach the course through practical activities, however to be a successful student you will also have to work independently, spending sometime on a computer, completing the tasks that make up your coursework/assignments.


If you have a genuine interest in sport, bring your PE kit to all lessons, and enjoy taking part in a wide range of activities in lessons, then this will be a good option for you. Have you got the ability to perform in team and individual sports, leading and coaching others with confidence?  If you do opt for this course you must be able to organise your work, manage your time effectively, complete regular homework and always have the correct PE kit.

If you achieve the grades on this GCSE Sport course, it will provide the correct pathway into Trinity High Sixth Form, College and many university courses.