Science is a vibrant & forward-looking faculty which benefits from the excellent subject knowledge of its teachers.  We work closely together to ensure the best possible learning experience for our students and aim to instil in our students a love of learning and a fascination with the world around them.

Our Science teaching team of nine is supported by our great Science technicians; we place a high value on experimental work. We have excellent facilities including nine labs, six of which have been recently refurbished. Our four newest labs feature state of the art touch screens with wireless key boards to engage & excite our students.

Teaching Staff:

Mrs L Green – Director of Sciences

Miss S Bray – Intervention Co-ordinator

Miss J Burns

Mrs K Dilay – Head of Biology

Mrs H Duggins

Mr M Hopkins – Head of Physics

Mrs C Packett – Btec Co-ordinator

Dr E Passalacqua

Mr M Prime

Mrs V Tapp – Head of Chemistry

Mr J Timney

Miss L Tyrell

For more information please speak to your Science teacher.


There are two routes to qualifications in this core subject. Each pathway ensures students study and gain qualifications in all three sciences. Both routes allow students to attain the full range of grades from 1-9 and allow students to progress to any science based work or further study Post 16. Students will study AQA specifications for both routes, building on work taught in Year 9.

All Science examinations will include questions based on the required practical work. Regular attendance to lessons will be important for students to be successful in preparing for the exams.

GCSE COMBINED SCIENCE: AQA “Trilogy” Specification

These courses provide a balanced mix of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are the equivalent of two GCSE qualifications. Assessment is through examinations taken at the end of Year 11.  Students taking this course will be assessed through the completion of six one hour 15-minute examinations, two for each of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics studied. All examinations will be completed in the summer of Year 11 and student will receive two numbered grades ranging from 1-1 to 9-9.

TRIPLE AWARD: AQA Separate Science Specifications GCSE

These courses will be offered to a targeted number of students and will lead to separate GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Each subject is assessed by a combination of examinations at the end of Year 11. Students will be assessed through the completion of two one hour 45-minute examinations for each of the three Sciences. Students will receive a separate qualification and grade for each of the three GCSEs.

Both routes will allow all students to study all Science subjects in the Sixth Form providing they fulfil the entry requirements.

Potential careers include: zoologist, sound engineer, pharmaceutical scientist, conservationist, physiotherapist, teacher, analytical chemist, marine biologist, space physicist, vet, dentist, food scientist, animal technologist, archaeologist, engineer, forensic scientist, cartographer, geochemist, astronomer, climate change analyst, doctor, microbiologist, robotics engineer, civil engineer, neurologist, chiropractor and epidemiologist.