Every student leaves Trinity with the skills, results and personal qualities to enable lifelong success.



We are relentlessly positive about our school, ourselves and those around us.  We are respectful, polite and honest at all times; we develop others.

  • Presence – attendance and punctuality
  • Appearance – uniform, attitude towards school – daily impressions
  • Respect – yourself, other students, teachers – language, behaviour
  • Equipment – being prepared for learning – homework, pen, planner etc.


We have high expectations and we never give up. We do what we say we’ll do and we do not make excuses; we do what it takes for as long as it takes.

  • Purpose – why you are doing everything you are doing – you must find a purpose in everything, even the areas of school that you are least interested in – no excuses
  • Goals – how do all of the elements of school life fit in with your goals? Having goals will help you to be more rigorous in your studies – determination is key
  • Self-belief – where are your strengths? How can your areas for development be turned into strengths? Who/what can boost your self-belief? How to turn ambition into reality – relentless positivity
  • Connections – friends, family, teachers, support staff, employers – the people who are going to help you realise your ambition; the people who matter most


We act as role models and we achieve excellent results as we know what works. No one gets left behind as we are united in our belief that Trinity delivers excellence for all.

  • Quality – check that everything you do is of high quality – relentless high expectations
  • Skills – what are the skills you require for the future?
  • Results – how do your predicted results compare to your MEG’s and TAG’s? You need consistency in this area – don’t let one or two subjects hold you back
  • Reputation – how would you like your future self to be seen and how would you like your current self to be remembered by the people who matter most? Develop this reputation through excellence