Remote Learning


Why you should attend your online lessons

Think of the curriculum you follow, year by year, as a book you are reading. Each lesson is a page or a chapter in that book and, therefore, it’s important that those pages or chapters are read, if you are to understand the story. Online lessons will be a continuation of the curriculum ‘story’, which you would normally read in school.

Online lessons can be a very effective way for you to learn, if you follow the protocols and participate as fully as you can. Learning online allows you to fully focus, without distraction, and you can re-visit parts of the lesson afterwards, because each lesson is recorded and uploaded to your Teams group.
Teachers are carefully planning for your online education. We don’t want you to miss out, so make every effort to be there!

For each Form Time/Lesson, you should receive an email invite. Make sure you respond to the email and, if you don’t receive the invite, let your teacher/HOY know asap, so that we can get it sorted out in good time.


Form time

  • Log into Teams and join your form teacher for registration, at normal time.
  • Form Teachers and Heads of Year will use this time to give important notices, so please make sure you attend.

Lessons 1-5

  • Know your timetable for the day; your lessons and breaks will follow this exact order.
  • Lessons will be approximately 50 minutes long – this is to allow you to take a comfort break, between lessons.

Before each lesson

  • Respond to the e-mail you receive re: Teams lesson, to notify your teacher you will be joining.
  • Have paper and a pen ready for notes.
  • Join the lesson a couple of minutes before it is due to start; your teacher will admit you to the lesson, when they are ready to start.

Make sure your video is off and your microphone is on mute.

During the lesson

  • Listen and follow all instructions carefully. If you are unsure, and need to ask a question, raise your hand in
  • Teams and your teacher will either unmute you or you can use the chat facility to type your question.
  • You can ‘spotlight’ your teacher, if this helps you to concentrate. You will find this feature in ‘Participants’ if you click on the three dots.
  • Teachers will let you know how they want you to respond/make notes, so listen carefully.
  • Contribute by answering questions, where you can, as you normally would.

After the lesson

  • Upload any work you have completed, as instructed by your teacher.
  • Leave the meeting, as instructed by your teacher, and get ready for your next lesson.

Paper resources

If your parent/guardian has requested paper copies of resources for you, we will send these out to you as soon as possible.

Student Protocols

  • Have your timetable to hand – your day will follow the same format.
  • Please ensure you are in suitable learning environment at home
  • Please have learning resources to hand (paper and pen).
  • At the start of the session your microphone must be muted and your camera must be turned off.
  • Be on time for your lesson – enter the ‘Lobby’ area 3 minutes before the lesson is due to start.
  • All sessions are recorded and will be uploaded to Teams, for later use.
  • You must use the ‘raise your hand’ feature to gain attention.
  • Use the chat feature to ask and answer questions.
  • Any misuse of chat feature will result in your removal from the lesson and further escalation by your Head of Year.
  • Only ask questions which are relevant to the learning. Other questions should be directed to your HOY.
  • Your attendance will be recorded for each lesson and monitored across the time period, by your HOY.
  • Complete all work set and upload to Teams as instructed, by your teacher.

Using Teams

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