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Mr A WardHead Teacher

Life at Trinity High School

Sixth Form Students

Pastoral Care at Trinity High School

Mrs L Chinn / Mrs R Walford / Mr D LawrenceSEND Provision
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Studying at Trinity High School

Mr D BartonDirector of Creative & Technical Faculty
Miss J WilkinsonDirector of English Faculty
Mr C MonkDirector of Humanities Faculty
Mr D EarlesDirector of Maths Faculty
Mrs A CadmanDirector of Sciences Faculty


How do I apply?2020-09-28T19:47:40+01:00

All applications are made through WCF using this link.   If you are unable to complete the online application, please speak to your middle school for a paper application form.

What time can my child arrive at school?2020-09-28T19:40:33+01:00

Children should be in school for 08.45 when registration starts, they are able to be dropped off or arrive earlier and there is a breakfast club available in the dining room from 08.30.

How can my child get to school?2020-09-28T19:45:05+01:00

We have many students that walk to school or are dropped off by parents.  Children are also able to get a bus to the bus station in the town centre which is then a five minute walk to the school.

What about homework expectations?2020-09-25T19:33:07+01:00
Which subjects will my child study?2020-09-28T19:40:02+01:00

In year 9, all of our core and options subjects will be studied by all children.  They will then be able choose their option subjects in February.  The full list of options available are detailed in the prospectus here.

What are the break & lunch arrangements?2020-09-28T19:41:51+01:00

Before Covid.19 all students were able to take their break and lunchtime at the same times, ie. 11.05-11.25 and 13.25-14.05.  The canteen is open for hot and cold food and we have outside canopies so that children have shelter. We offer a cashless system where parents can deposit money through School Gateway to purchase items from the canteen, or a packed lunch can be brought in if preferred.

What clubs and activities are available?2020-09-28T19:41:12+01:00

Before Covid.19 we were able to offer a vast array of afterschool and extra-curricular activities, a link to these from 2019 is available here, and we do hope that we are able to provide this for 2021/22.

What SEND support is available?2020-09-28T19:42:12+01:00

We have support for SEND students which is dependent on the nature of the needs of each child, we would be happy to discuss this further with any parents as necessary.

How does the Pastoral structure work?2020-09-28T19:44:09+01:00

We have non-teaching Heads of Year for all year groups, all students have a form tutor whom they meet each morning for registration, our Behaviour Lead and Safeguarding Lead are members of the Extended Leadership Group.

What is the reward/sanction policy?2020-09-28T19:43:44+01:00

Our rewards and sanctions can be found in the School Behaviour Policy, which is available using this link.

Who and how do I contact School if I have a problem?2020-09-28T19:44:37+01:00

Initial contact can be made via the form tutor or Head of Year.  For any more critical issues, the Behaviour or Safeguarding Lead can be contacted also. Contact can be made by telephone or by emailing the school.

Useful Information

I like that we are treated like young adults and given independence. I feel like I prefer the rules at High School because I am getting more done and learning a lot more. I also really like the different range of things we learn about.

Sophie, Year 9

I like the school the teachers are very kind to each of the students, they help the students when they need too. I enjoy my lesson especially PE it’s my favourite subject. Trinity is a great school to come too.

Atlantis, Year 10

The independence and freedom we get and how we are treated as adults.

Freddie, Year 10

I like the mental and physical step up from Middle School to High School.

Will, Year 9

The sports facilities are good. The teachers understand and help support you in your lessons and the lessons are enjoyable.

James, Year 10

I love the friendliness of the School. On your first day you get a warm welcome and you’re in a friendly and safe environment. All the teachers are extremely understanding and are the kindest people you will meet, they are amazing at teaching and they make sure you do your best under any circumstance. Although the school might seem big at first you will get used to the different buildings and classrooms. The school is multi-cultural, diverse and is very close to home!

Anjum, Year 10

Meeting with my friends at lunch and walking to school with them. I also really enjoy my lessons, I really like Art. All my teachers are really kind, and helpful. I am enjoying being back at School in general as well.

Ellie-May, Year 9

I enjoy the new types of lessons and getting to learn new things and my amazing teachers!

Evie, Year 9

I like all the teachers because they are very helpful and caring. If you have a problem then the teachers will help you as much as they can. Overall I think Trinity is the best School I’ve been to!

Rosie, Year 10
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