On entry to Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre parents/carers and students will be asked to sign a Parent and Student Agreement form.

The Home School Agreement

The aims of this agreement are to promote:

  • Good home-school communication
  • Parents and school staff working together on issues of concern
  • Parents helping their child to do well at school
  • Students achieving their best


The Aims of the School are to ensure that all can learn and achieve to their full potential in a climate where everyone feels safe, valued and respected. To support each student the School will do its best to:

  • Encourage, recognise and reward each student in achieving his/her best
  • Provide an appropriate curriculum
  • Provide a safe, caring and ordered environment
  • Mark work regularly and provide advice on how each student may improve
  • Treat each student fairly and value and respect him/her as an individual
  • Keep parents/carers informed about the School and the progress made by the student
  • Listen to and respond to any concerns parents or students may have


To support each student, parents/carers will do their best to:

  • Send him/her to school regularly, on time, wearing correct uniform and with the necessary equipment
  • Avoid taking him/her out of school for holidays and routine medical appointments
  • Take an interest in his/her learning and encourage him/her to achieve to the highest possible standards
  • Attend Parents’ Evening and read and respond to communications from school
  • Inform the School of any circumstances which might affect the student
  • Support the School and its policies
  • Encourage him/her to have a positive attitude towards school


Each student will do his/her best to:

  • Attend regularly, on time and in correct uniform
  • Show respect for others both in and out of school
  • Respect the environment of the School and the local community
  • Adopt a positive attitude towards and participate in the life of the School
  • Be responsible for taking communications to and from school and home
  • Tell school staff of any concerns he/she may have.


The total the Home School Agreement will cover the following:

  • Internet Access
  • Mobile Phone use
  • Sex and Relationship Education
  • School Visits
  • Biometric ‘Opt in’ for the school Biometric Cashless Catering System
  • Publication of work and photographs and
  • Photographs and video footage use