Provides a more vocational perspective and offers students the chance to obtain a qualification that meets both their individual aptitudes and interests.  It prepares them for higher education or the world of work; opening up career opportunities in areas such as childcare, nursing, mental health and counselling.

Health & Social Care involves working with a whole range of people in a variety of different situations, such as working with children or people with special needs, caring for the elderly or looking after patients in hospital. In order to understand the nature of Health & Social Care, learning is applied to a range of work-related contexts. This is achieved through a variety of practical approaches such as case study analysis and research. A number of guest speakers are invited into the faculty to enrich study and introduce real life scenarios. Work experience visits are an integral aspect of the learning experience.


Exam Board and Entry Requirements

OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Certificate

Course Content
Students study four units of work.

Year 10

Unit R022 – Communicating and working with individuals in Health, Social Care and early years settings – Coursework

Unit R031 – Using basic first aid procedures

Year 11

Unit R021 – Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings — Written examination.

Unit R027 – Creative activities to support individuals in health, social care and early years settings – Coursework.


Three units are coursework portfolio’s where students demonstrate their understanding and apply learning to a vocational context. All of these have a practical element to them. The final unit is a written examination. This tests students underpinning knowledge through a series of stepped questions. Each unit contributes to the final grade. Which can be a Pass Merit or Distinction at Level 1 or Level 2.


Exam Board and Entry Requirements OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical
Course Outline

Four units require students to produce portfolios while the other two are tested through an external examination. The external examination questions are short answers, stepped, structured or open responses. The course provides an opportunity to focus on a range of client groups including Early Years Education. Each unit completed generates a score. These scores are then aggregated to determine the final grade for the course.

Course Content
Year 12

Unit 1 – Building positive relationships in Health and Social Care — Portfolio

Unit 2 – Equality & Diversity & Rights in Health and Social Care – Examination

Unit 3 – Health, Safety & Security in Health and Social Care – Examination Year 13

Unit 4 – Anatomy & Physiology for Health and Social Care – Examination

Unit 10 – Nutrition for Health – Portfolio

Unit 13 – Sexual Health, Reproduction and Early Development stages — Portfolio


In Year 12 students take two examinations one in January and one in June. A third coursework portfolio is submitted for moderation in June. These three units generate a score which is aggregated together, enabling the student to achieve a Certificate with a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction *. In Year 13, it is two portfolio’s and one examination which lead to an Extended Certificate at Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction *