During lessons all students will have the opportunity to create, perform and respond to Drama. Initially lessons focus on building confidence and fundamental skills through a variety of practical exercises and activities. Students rapidly progress and are then challenged to stretch themselves in terms of their ability to create Drama by participating effectively and working as part of a team to communicate through the medium of Drama. Students thoroughly enjoy their lessons which are taught in a large studio fitted with stage lighting and sound equipment.

Outside of lessons students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and there is the opportunity for all students to join after school clubs and perform in whole school productions and the Performing Arts Championships.

In Year 9 students follow programme of study that aims to introduce fundamental Drama skills, strategies and techniques through exciting and engaging lessons that will provide a solid foundation for all learners including those who opt to continue to study Drama beyond Year 9. Students will be encouraged to create, perform and respond to drama and will have the opportunity to improvise and work with scripts.



BTEC Level 2 Award in Performing Arts (Drama Pathway)

Course Content

The course offers learners the opportunity to develop their ability to use Drama strategies to explore a variety of themes and issues. Learners will also work with a range of scripts to improve their ability to communicate with an audience using a wide scope of Drama techniques.

During Year 10 learners will explore several plays and performance styles. They will investigate, analyse, and evaluate the work of professional performers and theatre makers through research and practical workshops. Learners will be assessed on an extended piece of writing which usually takes the form of a power point presentation.

During the first term of Year 11 learners will focus on developing their ability to perform from scripts and they will be assessed on their ability to create and sustain credible and engaging characters either on their own or as part of a group. 

The final component of the course challenges learners to create and perform an original piece of drama as part of a small group. Learners will be assessed on three written tasks and the final performance of the piece.

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Exam Success
2018 – 81{0fa29e37a5ff5b819bc9d205477dcf2080d55da20457d57d8c85d351a6dec1cb} pass rate in Unit 1 Performance Exam. 


Exam Board
Edexcel Drama and Theatre
Minimum GCSE grade 4+ in Drama, English or English literature.

Course Content

The A-Level Drama and Theatre course combines the activities of investigating the work of major practitioners, exploring plays and evaluating live theatre. The course is designed to enable students to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the language of Drama and theatre as well as to develop their performing and communication skills. 

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Exam Success

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Contribution to SMSC

Drama students experience a rich curriculum of SMSC through active learning and deep thinking. Students are encouraged to empathise with others, investigate the world around us, build confidence in their own abilities and take pride in their own work.