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October Newsletter


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July 2020 Newsletter


July 2020 Newsletter

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June 2020

Year 11 Farewell Letter


19 June 2020

Dear Year 11

This week marks what would have been the end of your formal exams. It is also the time we would have been thinking about how to say goodbye. I always say it, but I can never quite believe how fast each year group’s time at Trinity goes.

Ordinarily, we would have met for a leaver’s celebration in the dining room. We would have begun the celebration with a time-lapse video looking back at our New Intake Days and your Year 9 photos. Looking at those photos now, I can’t believe how young you all looked and how much you have changed! We would have reminisced over funny occasions throughout your time at Trinity, recaptured sporting moments, productions, trips overseas and even dance offs at the Christmas disco!

Your teachers would cast aside dignity and attempt some form of dance routine normally choreographed by Mrs Laxton – historically a pretty poor performance, but none the less a shared moment between you and us, that only we would find funny.

We would then have the awards … starting by celebrating the mandatory awards, the ones we celebrate every year …  Star students of each subject, those with 100% attendance for a year, two years and finally those who attended every single day for a full three years – an outstanding achievement, well done if this was you!

And of course, we would pay a special homage to our sporting heroes. This year group have excelled in sports team and leadership qualities, from This Girl Can to the many fixtures and events that you represented us in. But throughout all of these formal awards, I know that you would have been waiting for the people’s awards, those nominated by yourselves.

I wonder who would have got those prestige awards voted for by you. Who was the nicest person? The best sports man/woman? The couple most likely to get married? The most likely to be a millionaire or be Prime Minster? Who had the worst laugh in the year group?

There would be flowers, thank you’s, tears and the obligatory shirt signing before we said our final official goodbyes and distributed the prom tickets.

Not this year. Our journey was stopped short at a moment’s notice, leaving us confused, upset and even angry that we were denied these Year 11 rituals.

We were expecting Boris Johnson to announce an extended Easter break, possibly an extra week or two of being able to revise solidly but sadly this was not the case and I still remember the feeling of numbness and shock when he announced all Year 11 exams were going to be cancelled.

Lining up outside the main venues, calling your name and seat number, the switching off and handing in of mobile phones. The irony that the last time we did this, we were freezing cold; now we would be too hot and, instead of letting you wear your coats to keep warm, we would have encouraged you to remove your blazers and ties. And supplied you with fans! But the heat would not have stopped you. We have no doubt that you would have given it your all, written solidly until your hands hurt. You would have left the hall exhausted yet still debated the answers with others and checked with your teachers to see if what you had written was correct or not.

I know that you were disappointed not to be given the chance to show us what you could do. But Year 11, just because the exams didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean that your education and time at Trinity counts for nothing.

You may not have taken your seat in the main hall or gym with a black pen and an unlabelled water bottle, but the work is done; nothing is wasted.

Throughout your time at Trinity, you have enriched your lives with knowledge. You have tried new things and perfected those skills you already had. You have made new friends, fallen out with old ones, laughed and cried. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into strong, mature and independent young adults. We are so very proud of everything you have become.

It shouldn’t be this way, but it is.

We will go on and welcome the Year 8’s into the Trinity Team … I hope they are every bit as good as you were in Year 9 😉.

And you – don’t let this stop you, make the most out of life. Work hard, be honest, be kind and you will be successful.

You are not a forgotten year group, but the survivors of a pandemic. Your year group will go down in history and no doubt one day, your own children and grandchildren will study this and answer questions about it in their own exams.

We may not be able to celebrate together (at the moment), but we’ve built a community that distance and disaster cannot break. That might be the greatest achievement of all.

We miss you and wish you all the very best for whatever comes next, but first enjoy the attached link remembering your time at Trinity.

Take care and stay safe Year 11.

Mrs Stephenson and Miss Jordan

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May 2020

April 2020

Friday 3rd April


Dear Parents and carers

I will begin by thanking you all for your tremendous support over the past two weeks. Thank you in particular, to those of you that have sent in so many messages of support. They really are valued, particularly at this challenging time for us all. I would also like to thank those of you that have contacted us regarding online and remote learning, and some of the issues you are experiencing. We are continuously refining and trying to improve this, and as I’m sure you are all aware, not only are schools not set up to work in this way, but we are also trying to do it on a very limited budget. As with all things, we have many successes and some things that need tweaking. In terms of workload for students we are trying to balance this and I would ask you to refer to the guidance we sent out on 20th March regarding suggested timetables for each day. All the staff email addresses are now on the website so I would encourage your children to contact the teachers directly in the first instance if there are any issues.

We also recognise that this new way of working involves far more internet use by students. Please click this link which gives some help and support for parents and carers regarding this.

I appreciate this is a particularly difficult time for Year 11 and 13 students who now have no reason to complete work towards their exams. However, I would encourage them all to start research, work and reading for the next phase of their education, whether this be Sixth Form, College or University.

Today we have received guidance on how the exam grades will be calculated, and I attach a letter from OFQUAL regarding this. School now has a great deal of work to do regarding this in a very short amount of time and we are not going to be able to share grades with either parents or students, as these have to remain confidential until the grades are released in the summer. Once we have submitted our grades, the exam boards will then apply their own criteria which means grades could go up or down from our predictions, as is true in a normal exam season.

We have also made Unifrog, our online Further Education tool, available to all Y11 and 13 students. I would encourage anyone going to or considering university education to log on and do some research. They also offer a range of MOOCs (online courses) which are available for anyone to study. Again, these are really valuable for university and college applications so I would encourage students to consider using their new-found free time investing in one of these.

During the Easter period school will still be operating as it has been for the children of key workers and vulnerable students. My previous advice still applies, that this should only be used as an absolute last resort and that a message should be sent to [email protected] at least 24 hours before this is needed, so that we can ensure staff are in school. This will be on a supervision only basis. There will be no formal teaching and strict distancing rules will be in place to protect both staff and students. Please note that the Pastoral Team will be making contact with some students and parents/carers during the Easter break, but this will be on an ‘as needs’ basis.

In terms of trips and activities for this year, please DO NOT make any further payments. After Easter we will be making final decisions about Activities Week which is due to take place in the summer.

Finally, the next two weeks are the Easter holiday. Please do not expect work to be set during this time, although I know some staff will be setting some ‘holiday tasks’ for students. Where students have not completed the work that has been set so far, they can use this time to catch up, but I am also aware that all of you (parents/carers, students and staff) need a break from school after what has been an incredibly challenging few weeks.

Stay Safe and look after one another,

Adrian Ward

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February 2020

Spring 1 Newsletter


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December 2019

Autumn 2 Newsletter


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October 2019

Autumn 1 Newsletter

The school year has begun as we finished the last one. As youwill see the students and staff have already completed moreactivities in the last eight weeks than most schools do in awhole year.This reputation for excellence of opportunity has clearly beenheard very widely. Our Open Evening in September was thebiggest we have ever had, and I know that many parentsand students were bowled over by the facilities, as well asthe enthusiastic welcome they received from staff andstudents

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June 2019

Summer 2 Newsletter


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