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Dear Parents and Carers

Well, it’s been the most magnificent week at Trinity, with so many magical and happy moments shared between our students, staff and parents.

On Monday we held our first ever EXCELLENCE FOR ALL reward assemblies, and parents/carers were able to join us to recognise the achievements of the students in each year group this term. Students were rewarded with their attendance milestone certificates and we look forward to the Spring assemblies on MONDAY 20TH MARCH 2023, where we’ll once again gather parents/carers to celebrate and recognise achievement. Please go ahead and book the morning off work!

On Wednesday, Year 9 enjoyed their cultural capital trip to the Thinktank in Birmingham and then on the evening we held our first Christmas Concert since 2019. I think I speak on behalf of the whole audience when I say that I was utterly blown away by both the talent and the dedication of our students and Music Department.

Later in the week, our wonderful anti-bullying ambassadors gathered to plan the launch of our new anti-bullying strategy; a strategy that they’ve helped to co-develop. Look out for news of the launch in Spring Term.

Finally, I must stress how proud I am of our Year 11 students who, even on the penultimate week of term are still attending the Passport for Success in massive numbers. They should be very proud of themselves, and their hard work will pay off!!

Next week we have lots going on including our annual Awards Evening and last day of term celebrations. On Friday 16th December students will be dismissed from school at 12.45pm. Please be aware of the adjusted time; I will publicise the timings for the day on all our communication channels.

I hope you all enjoy a really Christmassy weekend and I look forward to sharing our end of term newsletter with you all.

Mr Ford



Can parents/carers please be mindful when collecting their children from the Easemore gates. Cars parked inconsiderately could cause danger for our students leaving for the day. Please find a suitable safe place on Easemore Rd.


We are happy to advise that parents /carers of students eligible for free school meals (FSM) will be receiving FSM vouchers to a value of £35 per student to cover the Christmas holiday period. These will be issued before the end of term. There is also additional support available via Ready Steady Worcestershire including support for food, financial support, activities and community assistance. The Holiday and Food Activity scheme will be available for children and families to access during the Christmas Holidays, providing free access to food and activities for those eligible for FSM.  Here2Help at the County Council is also available to signpost families to other local sources of support.


Students both past and present will have received letters this week advising them of their nomination, by their teachers, for an award. This is a prestigious evening. Families are invited to pre-drinks and canapes before the presentation of the awards. We have a number of new awards including several Science bursaries for students pursing a Science/STEM qualification. We look forward to seeing all students and families at this event.


Please find the latest version attached.


Please be aware that on our website we offer lots of courses for parents and students, free of charge, available to register. Please use the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Webinars” for more choices.


GCE and GCSE certificates for leavers are now available to collect from Reception. Please email to arrange a suitable time.


Year 11 now have some time over Christmas to complete their applications to colleges, research and look at apprenticeships and there is still time to apply for Sixth Forms. A useful site for apprenticeships is There is also more information on our School Website.


Saturday 17th December starts 5.45pm. Please see attached.

In our drive to broaden our vocabulary, please find our new T2 Workable Word of the week – ‘ACCOMPLISH’ – The word ‘accomplish’ is used to describe something that has gone successfully. If you made it to school on time and ready to learn, you have ‘accomplished’ something already. If you have been kind to someone today, you have ‘accomplished’ helping to create a nicer environment for everyone. You don’t have to win the World Cup or anything. We use the word ‘accomplish’ as a verb

Here are some ways you could use the word:

“The students accomplished a lot in that lesson.” (verb) “The fighter planes accomplished their mission with great heroism.” (verb “When they removed the bandages, the patient couldn’t focus her eyes properly” (verb).

Where does the word come from?

Late Middle English: from Old French acompliss-, lengthened stem of acomplir, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + complere ‘to complete’.



15 Dec Annual Awards Evening
16 Dec Break up for Christmas
3 Jan 2023 Return to school at 08.45am
19 Jan Y9 Parents’ Evening
2 February Y9 Options Evening
16 Feb Y10 Parents’ Evening



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