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December 2020

Arrangements for the start of the Spring Term


Dear Parents and Carers

As you will have heard, the arrangements for the return to school of high school age children has had to be changed from what we had previously planned. Regrettably, these changes have been made by the government at very short notice and we know very little more than was announced to the public yesterday afternoon.

Lateral Flow Tests
Schools have been given the option of testing all students on their return to school. This is a huge task (particularly given the numbers involved) and we will be spending next week trying to get this set up. The biggest issue is staffing. We have calculated that we will need around 18 additional members of staff in order to facilitate this. Given that all schools are being asked to do the same thing, there are very few agency staff available. We are therefore looking for volunteers from our community who would be willing to help us, and undertake the training needed to support us. If you are interested in discussing this, then please send an email to [email protected] expressing an interest, and we will then contact you next week to discuss this in more detail.

Our priority for rolling out mass testing for students will be for Year 11 and 13 in the first instance, and then for other year groups, if and when we have the capacity to do so. The situation is changing on a daily basis so I will endeavour to keep you up to date as things progress. Our understanding at this point is that students will be offered a test once. After this, students will only be offered a test when they have been identified as a close contact of a positive case, in which case they will be tested each day for the following week. The idea behind this is to minimise the numbers of students needing tom isolate at home for 10 day periods.

In order for students to have a test, we will need parental consent for students in Years 9-11, and student consent for those in Years 12 and 13. Details of this will follow in the coming days.

Arrangements for Teaching and Learning
I have tried to summarise below our arrangements for the first two weeks of term. As I have said, things are constantly evolving, and these arrangements may need to change depending on government advice:

Week 4th-8th  January
Monday 4th is now a Training Day to enable staff to prepare for online learning which will follow. No lessons will be happening on this day. For the rest of the week, all students in all year groups (with the exception of Vulnerable, EHCP and Key worker students – see details later in this letter) will learn remotely. Lessons will be taught online using Microsoft Teams. Further details and protocols regarding this will be sent separately. We already know that students will require paper copies of work, and these will be sent out to those who have previously requested it.

Week 11th-15th January
Year 11 and 13 students return to school as normal. We hope to be able to offer them a lateral flow test at some point during this week. All other students will continue to learn remotely.

Week 18th January
All students back in as normal. We hope to offer Lateral Flow Tests to other students during this week.

Vulnerable, EHCP and children of Key Workers
Schools have been asked to provide in school education for vulnerable, EHCP and children of key workers who wish to be in school. Those students who are deemed to be vulnerable or have an EHCP will be contacted by school to discuss this. For key workers, we are reque   sting that the attached form is completed with all the necessary details. School will then contact these families on Monday 4th January to discuss this in more detail. However, it is important to emphasise that we wish to minimise the numbers of students in school until we have our testing systems running. Students who are in school will be working in year group bubbles. These will be in computer rooms and students will be required to log in and participate in the lessons that are being taught to all other students remotely. There will NOT be face to face lessons as this is not possible given staff will be teaching all other students online.

Any students in school will be required to wear FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM.

If you are a key worker and need your child to work in school please complete the form by clicking on this link.

School Meals
A limited meal offer will be available to students who are in school and require a school meal. Free school meals will be provided for any student in school who is entitled to this. For all other FSM students, we will be arranging for vouchers to be provided (as preciously) for the time students are not in school. For example, Year 11 and 13 students would only receive this for the week 4th-8th January. Other students would receive this for two weeks. We would ask for your patience while we arrange for this to be put in place. This may take a few days next week before these are sent out.

Examinations will be continuing as planned. A number of students have public examinations in January and they should attend these exams as planned (this applies to any Year 12 students with exams as well). Year 11 and 13 mock examinations will also continue as planned, unless we are directed otherwise. Any queries relating to exams should be directed to the relevant Head of Year in the first instance.

Covid Protocols
Given the news that the latest Covid-19 variant is much more infectious, we will be reviewing our risk assessment and protocols. At present the DfE have not advised that any changes are needed, but given the huge increases in cases both locally and nationally, the school may decide to make some changes. If this is required, I will let you know.


Finally, there will be further advice and information over the coming days so please check your emails.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Adrian Ward

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November 2020

Update 9th November 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

I was informed this morning that unfortunately we have had further positive cases within the school community. I have spent the day working on this with Public Health England. After much discussion, and having done our own track and trace, they have advised us that we need to collapse two bubbles. We will write to the students who need to remain at home for 14 days, but effectively this means that half of Year 9 (X Band) and all of Year 11 will now need to work at home for two weeks.

Clearly this is not what any of us would want, but health considerations need to be our priority. We will also send out guidance to these students on how to access the lessons remotely, using Microsoft Teams.

I appreciate that many of you will have concerns but I have been assured by PHE that they do not believe the cases are linked. I would also like to draw your attention to the latest data on confirmed cases. Redditch has now overtaken Bromsgrove and has the highest number of cases in the county. In fact, the numbers are broadly similar to those in Birmingham, which had been in Tier Two restrictions before this latest national lockdown. I attach some graphics below to illustrate this. It is vital that all of us play our part in keeping the spread of the virus under control; both by obeying the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ messages but also by ensuring that we all observing the lockdown rules when we are at home. The school cannot control what happens in the community and we are relying on each other to ensure we play our parts in driving down the infection rates in the town.

Finally, please can I ask that you do not contact school and ask us to give any more details. We cannot do this. If you have individual concerns please contact the relevant Head of Year in the first instance.


Thank you for your continued support

Adrian Ward


Redditch latest figures

Student Remote Learning



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Update 8th November 2020


Dear Parents and Carers

As you will be aware, the country moved to lockdown on Thursday. New guidance for schools has now been published by the DfE, and we are therefore making some small changes to how we operate. As of Monday all schools, where children are in Year 7 or above, will need to make face coverings in indoor communal areas compulsory. We have already implemented face coverings in corridors so we will only need to make some minor changes to what we are already doing. From tomorrow, in addition to corridors, students must also wear a face covering in the Dining Hall (unless they are eating) and Sixth Formers will now need to do the same in the Sixth Form Common Room. The guidance remains that face coverings are not required in classrooms, but as before we are allowing this for students and staff who wish to do so.

We have been advised by Worcester Children First that face coverings are not compulsory outside, but again we are allowing students to do so if they wish. It is vital that we continue to support the fight against the virus by adhering to these guidelines and by ensuring we all observe both social distancing and good hand hygiene. School continues to ask students to sanitise hands as they enter and leave rooms, and all rooms have a supply of sanitiser. However, I would encourage all students to bring their own to school so that they are able to sanitise their hands as often as possible.

The canteen continues to sell a variety of drinks but we have, in line with guidance, turned off all water fountains. Please can I ask that students bring water to school with them. We are unable to fill bottles up for them, as this would involve staff handling bottles.

Free School Meals
If your child is entitled to free school meals and is required to isolate, then school will provide a packed lunch. Initially we will be delivering these on a daily basis, but if the numbers increase, or we have significant staff absences, then we may need to change how we provide these. I will update you if this becomes necessary.

Protocols around Positive Cases
I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of the protocols around positive cases, close contact and possible cases. If your child, or anyone in your household, has any of the symptoms of Coronavirus please do NOT send them in to school. They should book a test and your household should isolate until you receive the result. If this is negative, then your child may return to school, and the household no longer needs to isolate. If the test is positive, then you will all be advised to isolate. Please adhere to the dates you are given by Public Health England. In all cases, please ensure you inform the school as we are not being told by PHE of cases and we rely on families to keep us up to date. As I have outlined before, if we do get a positive case at school you will be informed. Students and staff who Public Health England deem to be ‘close contacts’ will be asked to self-isolate and will be informed of this separately. All other students should attend school as normal. Please can I stress that we are NOT at liberty to give any more details to parents, so I would request that you do not contact school and ask. As I am sure you will understand, we must follow the guidance we are given, and we do not have the staffing capacity to answer individual queries regarding this. I do appreciate the concern many of you have over the virus, and this is reflected amongst many of the staff, but please be assured that in all cases we are following the advice given to us form both Public Health England and the Department for Education.

Where students are having to isolate, school will set work. This will take a variety of approaches and is unlikely to be ‘live lessons’, and I would appreciate your support and understanding regarding this. Teaching staff continue to work incredibly hard at this extremely challenging time. As well as moving around the school and teaching in bubbles, they are trying to set work for those isolating. There will be times when this may take a little longer, particularly as in some cases staff are also being required to self-isolate.

And finally
All of us also need to ‘do our bit’ when we are not in school. It is imperative that students wear face coverings when required, observe the lockdown rules and maintain social distancing. Click here for the latest guide as to the lockdown rules, for your information.

Finally, thank you all for your support of the school. I am sure it has not gone unnoticed that while the rest of the population is being told to work from home, school staff are in school, with almost 1000 students each and every day. In the last lockdown we were all asked to clap the NHS. It is now time to recognise the extraordinary efforts being made by staff in schools and I am sure you would want to join me in saying a huge thank you to everyone here at Trinity.


With very best wishes

Adrian Ward

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Update 3rd November


Dear Parents and Carers

Please see link below for letter. I am sure this will come as no surprise given the huge increases in positive cases both locally and nationally.

On Thursday the country will be going into another lockdown, in an attempt to suppress the spread of the virus. Schools will remain open, and we will continue to provide the care and education that you expect. However, in order to minimise disruption to the school, please can I ask that you support us in ensuring that your child observes the lockdown rules when not in school and that they carry both a face covering and hand sanitiser with them at all times. It is evident that the next few weeks and months are going to be very difficult for schools to manage and we are going to need your support in managing at this time.

I would also request that you do NOT contact school regarding positive cases unless your child is directly involved, although we appreciate this is a worrying time for everyone. We simply do not have the resources to answer numerous calls and emails each time we have a case. We take all our advice and guidance from the experts, Public Health England, who are contacted by all schools whenever there is a positive case.

Thank you for your continued support.

Adrian Ward

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October 2020

6th October 2020


Dear Parents and Carers

Please see the attached letter below. This is a standard letter template provided by Public Health England, and as such may appear not to be in my usual style. However, I have decided to send it as they wrote it, so that you are able to read the information as they have requested. Unfortunately, given the rise in the number of cases in Redditch, I feel that this was an inevitability. Please can I ask for your support in reinforcing with your child the importance of social distancing and hand hygiene.

Thank you for your support.

Adrian Ward


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April 2018

Newsletter 1 October 2018


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