Science (Applied)


Faculty: Science
Subject: Level 3 Cambridge Extended Certificate in Applied Science
Staff and Responsibility: Mrs H Duggins, Course Leader, Mrs C Packett, teacher
Exam board: OCR 


The course is divided into five mandatory units spread over the two years. Two of these are externally examined and are marked by OCR examiners. Both examinations are 2 hours long and consist of short answer questions, extended answers, and calculations.  

The other three units are assessed through a portfolio of evidence complied throughout the course. These are teacher assessed and moderated internally before being externally assessed by an OCR moderator. 

Each unit will be graded as a Pass, Merit or Distinction, students need to achieve a grade in each unit to pass the course. Any student who does not achieve a pass will be graded as unclassified. UCAS points: PASS = 16, MERIT = 32, DISTINCTION = 48, DISTINCTION* = 56 


The content of the Level 3 Cambridge Extended Certificate in Applied Science is based around 5 core units spread over the two years.  

Year 1 

Unit 2 Laboratory techniquesTwo-hour examination which is completed in May of year 12. Students develop their skills and knowledge of basic laboratory techniques which are expected in standard laboratory careers. 

Unit 18 Microbiology – Coursework unit. Students develop the knowledge and understanding of microorganisms and how Microorganisms affect every aspect of life on Earth. 

Unit 6 Control of hazards in the laboratory –Coursework unit. Students develop the knowledge and understanding of the most common hazards encountered in typical research labs and will help students maintain a safe work environment. 

Year 2 

Unit 1 – Science fundamentals –  Two-hour exam which is completed in January of Year 13. Students expand their knowledge and understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Building on their G.C.S.E knowledge. 

Unit 21 – Product testing techniques – coursework unit. This unit students use all the skills and knowledge they have developed over the course and apply it to how products are made, tested and monitored for daily use. 


Grade 4 or above in GCSE Science (triple or trilogy)  


Applied Science level 3 can be the steppingstone to apprenticeships, vocational degrees, or foundation degree level at most universities.  

Potential careers include Apprenticeships in NHS careers such as nursing, midwifery, medicine, and dentistry. Vocational courses in animal agriculture, or environmental science. Paramedic, marine biologist, climate change analyst or even a nutritionist 

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