Subject: A- Level Law
Subject Lead: Mrs Stocks
Exam Board: AQA


AQA A-Level Law comprises of four topics over three two-hour exams – taken at the end of the course. The course is designed to give pupils an underlying knowledge of the English Legal system, as well as introducing specific aspects of law. Each paper focuses on the English legal System, as well as Criminal Law, Tort and Human Rights. By learning about legal rules and how and why they apply to real life, students also develop their analytical ability, decision making, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All these skills are highly sought after by higher education and employers. 

Paper 1 The nature of law and the English legal system & Criminal law – 33%
2 Hour exam.
The first area of this paper, making up 25 out of 100 marks, examines how and why Laws are made, and how the legal system functions. The larger part of this paper will examine the rules and theory of criminal law as well as different types of offence (fatal/non-fatal against the person, property offenses) and the defences that can be used (Insanity, automatism, intoxication). 

Paper 2 – The nature of law and the English legal system & Tort – 33%
2 Hour exam.
Similar to paper 1 – the first 25 Marks of this paper examines the English Legal System – how and why Laws are made, and how the legal system functions. The second, and larger part comprising of 75 marks, investigates Tort – (civil wrong that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm) covering liability and defence. 

Paper 3 – Human rights & The nature of law and the English legal system – 33%
2 Hour exam.
As with papers 1 & 2, 25 marks of this paper covers the English Legal System, with the other 75 marks focuses on Human rights in British and International law. This covers the theory of Human rights – contrasting rights and liberties, through to enforcement and restrictions on Human rights. 

There is no coursework component to this course.  

Law links all aspects of society. It helps students develop a range of transferable skills: analytical skills, attention to detail, logical thinking, research skills, essay writing skills and the ability to produce a balanced argument. Numerous career options value A-Level Law including Barrister, Judicial assistant, Paralegal, Conveyancer and Legal secretary. 

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