Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you have all enjoyed the first real taste of summer this week!! At Trinity, it has been another fantastic week of summer term and it is always one of the favourite parts of my week when I get to share some of the highlights with you. Over the past few days, I have shown a number of visitors around the school and on every occasion the feedback was similar and mentioned how polite, well-mannered and smart our students were, how engaged they were in their learning and how welcoming our staff are. It is obviously wonderful to receive this kind of validation from external visitors and everyone associated with the school should be immensely proud of their contributions.

This week it was great to see so many students involved in activities after school, particularly our outdoor activities that took place in the sunshine. Students were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It is a tough time of year for many of our students as end of year assessments loom for Years 10 and 12 and formal external examinations continue for Years 11 and 13. Our extra-curricular programme is therefore designed as a bit of welcome relief from studying; it is the place for students to be to unwind from the exam pressures, enjoy themselves and develop wider skills and attributes. At Trinity, we place great importance on participation in the wider life of school as that is often where a lot of the memorable experiences take place. The planning for next years ‘broadening horizons programme’ is well under way and I assure you that there will be something for everyone!!

If students haven’t done so already, please ensure that you are all sorted for Activities Week. Mr Earles and his team have been busy organising an action-packed week of enrichment activities to end the school year and we do not want any students missing out. If parents/carers need to sort out their son/daughter’s activity, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to next week’s update.

Mr Ford




Please familiarise yourself over the latest Gaming trend with the attached poster.



A magical evening at Worcestershire Cricket Club on Saturday 25th June to raise funds for childhood cancer. Please see attached.



For Period Poverty help – please see the attached flyer. Please remember sanitary products can be sought in the Medical Bay at Trinity High School.


Please see attached.



Request for any redundant PE kit lying around to be considered for donation to our PE Department. Either to be dropped off at reception or students welcome to drop off at the PE Department whilst in school. All donations will be gratefully received.


The items on the attachment are currently in our lost property box. If you recognise any of the items, please send your child to student services where they can claim the item. We also have several different pieces of jewellery to be collected. Any items that are not collected by the end of term will be taken to the local charity shop. Please see the attached.


Tuesday 12th July – 6.00pm – Main Hall

This meeting is to explain all the different pathways beyond Year 11 and accompanying opportunities for the students when they leave the school in the summer of 2023. There will be a presentation with Q & A and Mr Petit will present information about our Sixth Form. Information booklets will be available to take home. There will also be an assembly where information is given to students so that they can start to plan and think about what they want to do and where they wish to go.

In our drive to broaden our vocabulary, please find our new T2 Workable Word of the week – ‘GRAPPLE’ – If you ‘grapple’ with something, you struggle to figure out what you should do. The famous ‘House of Wonders’ on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. For years the museum’s owner ‘grappled’ with the problems of how to look after the building. They took too long and with no support? Well… Then there is Adele who recently she talked about how much she had ‘grappled’ with the problems in her marriage, and whether or not to use those in her music. Perhaps her child would feel let down. Was she being too ambitious? Selfish even? … Grapple can also mean to engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestle. Also, an archaic word for: to seize or hold something (a grappling hook).

Here are some ways you could use the word:

“The town of Tewkesbury is still grappling with the long-term problems associated with flooding.”

“The commentators grappled with the issue of who was better? Manchester City or Liverpool? The answer of course was neither.”

Where does it come from?

Middle English (as a noun denoting a grappling hook): from Old French grapil, from Provençal, diminutive of grapa ‘hook’, of Germanic origin; related to grape. The verb dates from the mid-16th century.


21 June Y12 UCAS & Apprenticeships Fayre NEC
23 June GCSE Exams finish
27 June Y10 & Y12 End of Year Exams start
1 July Y11 Prom at The Limes
1 July Pyramid Concert
21 July School breaks up for Summer Holidays
5 Sept Teacher Training Day – school closed to students
6 Sept Teacher Training Day – school closed to students
7 Sept Return to school at 08.45am

17.6.22 Ask for SANDY

17.6.22 Enchanted Riverside Walk_

17.6.22 What Parents Need to Know about Twitch

17.6.22 Key Dates for Y12

Dates for the Diary

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