Please find letter attached.

THS is facilitating the Covid vaccinations for the NHS, taking place on Wednesday 24th November, next week. If you wish your child to have this, pls ensure you fill out the electronic NHS form, no later than Saturday.

Please can we remind parents about the importance of wearing masks and for students to arrive at school with their own masks each day.

GCSE and A Level Exam Certificates – Summer 2021 – Exam Certificates for Summer 2021 are now available for collection.  For students who are no longer at Trinity High School, please email the Exam Officer at the address below to arrange an appointment to collect from our main Reception.

Students currently in our Sixth Form can collect their certificates from Mr Petit. If you are unable to collect in person, please send an email of authority to the Exams Officer to enable a family member or friend to collect on your behalf. 

Email Miss Casey at [email protected]

We have managed to get a week’s extension from the tour company for the languages trip. So, if any students are still interested, they need to get their permission slips to Miss Nicholson and the deposit paid on Bromcom by the morning of the Friday 26th November at the latest. Any questions please an email – [email protected]

As you will be aware track and trace of positive cases is now done by Public Health England. We have had positive COVID cases in all year groups and strongly advise you to keep a regular routine for LFT testing alerting [email protected] or [email protected] if you have a positive result and to go for a confirmatory PCR test.

In our drive to broaden our vocabulary, please find our new T2 Workable Word of the week – ‘DRAFT’ – (The word ‘draft’ can be a noun and a verb) Writing or planning something you know you will change to make it better is called a ‘draft’. It is a way of getting your ideas right.

Here are some ways you could use the word:

“The writer had completed their first draft of their new novel.” (noun)

“The footballer had drafted their transfer request to give to their manager.” (verb)

Wondrous New Words: ‘propitiate’ (verb) proh-PISH-ee-ayt – to try and make someone more pleased or less angry.

Quote of the Week: ‘If man does not treat the oceans and the rainforests with respect, man will become extinct’ – Peter Benchley, author of ‘Jaws’

Thinker of the Week: If two mind readers read each other’s minds at the same time, whose mind are they reading?

Radical Reading /Listening Link of the Week: Cop26 is a huge meeting of world leaders and scientists that just took place in the UK. Their goal was to try and slow down climate change and the disasters it will bring. But will they succeed? Here are some podcasts you might like to listen to and investigate?


24 Nov Covid Vaccinations
9 Dec Y12 Parents’ Evening 4.00pm-7.00pm
13 Dec Y9 Reports to Parent/Carers
17 Dec Break up for Christmas
4 Jan 2022 TED Day – School shut to students
5 Jan Return to school at 08.45am


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