Mr A Ward -Executive Headteacher
Mr T Thomas – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Chinn – Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Petit – Assistant Headteacher
Mrs F Horton – Assistant Headteacher

TEACHING STAFF – (click to email)
Miss M Allan – English
Mr D Barton – Director of Creative & Technical Faculty
Mr A Beard – Science/PE/Pupil Premium Champion
Mr K Brannan – Geography
Miss S Bray – Biology/KS4 Science Progress Lead
Mr T Bristowe – PE/i/c Core PE/Humanities
Mrs A Cadman – Head of Food
Mrs A Challender – English
Miss J Cottle – Science/Pupil Premium Champion/DofE Leader
Mr R Cross – PE/Creative & Technical
Miss R Crowe – Mathematics
Miss H Daniels – Psychology/Head of House
Miss K Dilay – Head of Biology
Mrs C Douglas – Creative & Technical
Mr D Earles – Director of Mathematics Faculty
Mrs L Green – Director of Sciences Faculty
Mr S Green – Mathematics/DofE Leader
Mrs K Hannan – Director of Humanities Faculty
Miss A Henman – PE/Head of House/PESCO
Mrs D Hickens – Head of Business
Miss E Hopkins – PE/Humanities/Innovation Champion
Mr M Hopkins – Head of Physics
Mr C Innes – Mathematics/Intervention Co-ordinator
Miss L Jordan – Head of Media/Y11 Achievement Co-ordinator
Mr S Joy – 2 i/c English
Mr M Kabir – ICT/Accountancy
Mr E Keady – Head of Drama
Mr J Kendall – Mathematics
Mr F Khawaja – ICT/ i/c E-learning, VLE, Cross Curricular
Mrs S King – Science
Mrs C Kirk – Food/DofE Leader
Mr J Lal – Mathematics
Mrs M Letts – Languages
Miss C Lyons – Head of Music/DofE Co-ordinator
Mr R MacAree – English/Innovation Champion
Mrs P McWilliams – Creative & Technical/BTEC Co-ordinator/More Able Co-ordinator
Mr C Monk – Head of Geography
Mrs C Packett – Science
Dr E Pass – Science
Mrs C Pinnell – 2 i/c Mathematics
Mr M Pirrie – History/Innovation Champion
Mr P Pleasant – Head of Art
Mr M Prime – Science/Head of House
Miss A Savva – English
Miss H Schofield – English
Miss J Staley – English
Mrs G Stangroom – Head of Resistant Materials
Mrs K Stocks – Head of History
Miss K Styler – Business Studies
Miss R Taylor – Head of PE
Mrs V Tapp – Head of Chemistry
Ms Jo Leggett  – Head of Languages
Miss J Wilkinson – Director of English Faculty
Mrs E Young  – Head of RE

PASTORAL STAFF – (click to email)
Mrs L Masters – Head of Year 9
Mr D Case – Head of Year 10
Mrs Sally Stevenson – Head of Year 11
Mr D White – Head of Year 12 & 13
Mrs R Walford – SEND Co

Mrs K Ayres – Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Barnes – Finance/Admin
Mrs N Beech – Attendance/Admin
Mr M Bird – Assistant Site Manager
Mrs S Blackmore – Senior Science Technician
Mrs M Blackwell – First Aid Lead/Admin
Miss A Bough – Progress Assistant
Mr F Brady – Site Manager
Miss E Casey – Exams Officer/Admin
Mr J Cater-Stephens – Network Manager
Miss J Davis – Education Welfare Officer
Mrs L Deakin – Progress Assistant
Miss Z Djurkovic – Progress Assistant
Mrs T Duncan – Business Manager/Chief Financial Officer
Miss E Durbin – Progress Assistant
Mrs K Elvins – Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Fanning – Visitor Receptionist/Admin
Mrs A Garrett – Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Hadley – School Counsellor/The Bridge Manager
Mr L Hands – Assistant Site Manager
Mrs S Harvey – Learning Cover Supervisor
Mrs K Hurley – Inclusion Co-ordinator (Pitstop)
Mr B Jones – IT Technician
Mrs L Laxton – Careers & Guidance Advisor
Mr D Lawrence – Head of Year 10
Mrs M Martin – Secretary/Admin
Miss L Masters – Head of Year 9
Mrs K Meekins – Reprographics/Admin
Mrs C Millham – Progress Assistant
Mrs R Morris – Assessment/Progress/Data Manager
Mrs G Muraru – Learning Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Nicholls – Cook in Charge
Mr C Notley – ICT Apprentice
Mr T Phelan – Creative & Technical Technician/Site Duties Assistant
Ms C Rock – Progress Assistant
Ms J Reynolds – Headteacher’s PA/Office Manager
Mrs C Roberson – Cover Manager/SIMS Data/Admin
Mrs M Senior – Creative & Technical Technician/Progress Assistant
Mr D Shaw – Site Assistant Apprentice
Mr G Slim – Seclusion Manager
Mr H Smith – ICT Apprentice
Mrs B Stanley – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Stephenson – Head of Year 11/i/c Student Governors
Ms E Stewart – Finance Officer/Lettings/Admin
Miss L Tustin – Science Technician
Mr D White – Pastoral Manager Post 16
Miss S Williams – Progress Assistant
Mrs N Willmott – Progress Assistant