Dear Parents, Carers and Students

I hope you all managed to have an enjoyable bank holiday weekend, despite the current situation. As many students will know this was a poignant day for me and my family. Both my grandparents served in the forces and were involved in a number of important events during the War. My paternal grandfather spent his career as an aircraft engineer, and much of the war was spent keeping Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster bombers in the air. During the D-Day landings he was part of a force that set up and built temporary airfields as the Allies progressed across Europe. My maternal grandfather was a gunnery instructor in the Navy. He was one of the last beach commanders to evacuate Dunkirk and then spent much of the rest of the War on the Arctic Convoys, keeping the supplies getting into Russia in what were the most appalling conditions. I was fortunate that both survived, unlike so many others. We owe this generation a great debt.

Yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister was very cautious. At the moment schools remain closed to most students, and for high schools it appears unlikely that this will change before July at the earliest. As I have said in my previous emails, the staff are finding this just as difficult as many of you are and are missing being at school and seeing you all. Mr Khawaja has kindly put together a video from the staff, just so you know that we are still here, and we wanted to say ‘hello’ in the best way we could. Please click here.

Please ensure you look after one another and stay safe,

Best wishes

Adrian Ward