Up-Skilling Course – Designed to Support Literacy & Numeracy

Students are identified for this course as an alternative to studying a Modern Foreign Language.  Its purpose is to boost literacy and numeracy through a topic based approach.

Topics to be studied this year include:

  • Foreign country fact file.
  • Create an alternative prospectus for Trinity High School.
  • Participate in a charity fundraising event.
  • Design a new Year 9 Common Room.
  • Plan a wedding.
  • Organise a Careers Fair.

This course also serves to develop social skills and boost confidence.  Students complete a portfolio of evidence which records their achievements and they can keep at the end of the course.

Contribution to SMSC
The course is all about developing social skills and raising self-esteem.  As students are taught in small groups there is an opportunity to really get to know each other and act in a collaborative way.  Students are taken out of their comfort zone to give presentations to senior staff, participate in role play exercises and undertake mock interviews.  There is an expectation that students will co-operate both with peers and staff and treat everyone with equal respect.

Contribution to Wider Curriculum 

The Upskilling course offers additional support for literacy and numeracy as students complete a variety of modules which require students to use skills they have acquired in English, Mathematics and ICT.


In Year 10 and 11 students study a broad and balanced curriculum which includes core subjects and option subjects.  All students are offered an options interview and SEND students can ask their lead progress assistant to accompany them to the interview.  Lead progress assistants meet regularly with their students to support them with the demands of examination courses.

In Year 11 SEN students are offered additional; support through post 16 pathway choices by Mrs Laxton (Careers & Guidance Advisor) and the learning support team.  Enhanced transition arrangements will be put in place for students struggling with progression.


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