Tuesday 24th March 2020 

Dear Parents and carers 

As I mentioned previously, things nationally seem to be moving at great pace and changing by the day. No more so than today. The Prime Minister announced last night some extremely stringent measures which will impact all of our lives for the next few weeks. We can now be in no doubt that the virus is a real threat to the health of everyone. This is not just something that affects the old or seriously ill. With this in mind, everyone should remain at home wherever possible. This is now a matter of life and death for many of our communities. 

Today, seven members of staff have come into school in case any children of key workers turned up. This is now not a sensible or sustainable way to manage this.  

From now on, any key worker who is requesting school to look after their child must email [email protected] at least 24 hours beforehand. I will be staffing at an absolute minimum level to protect the welfare of my staff. I must reiterate the Prime Minister’s guidance. Nobody should be leaving home unless it is absolutely essential. This applies to staff who do not need to come into school. Our students are all aged at least 13 years old and therefore there should be no need for them to attend school as they are capable of staying at home, alone if necessary. For those students deemed to be vulnerable, we are already working closely with families and social workers to ensure they are safeguarded. 

It is unlikely that the school switchboard will be operating from today, again to protect staff. Urgent messages or concerns should be emailed to [email protected], and these will then be forwarded to staff as appropriate. 

I beg each and every one of you to heed the government advice. If there is no need to leave home then don’t. Reducing social interactions to a minimum is key to reducing deaths. We all have our part to play in this. 


Thank you. Stay Safe. 

Adrian Ward